About Us

Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. is a material handling machinery manufacturing enterprise integrated with scientific research, production, and marketing. As the leading mechanical equipment manufacturer in China, we have aimed to become a first-class corporation producing of material handling equipment since our founding day, till now, we have formed a complete production chain.

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Why Choose Us ?

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    The company produces transfer cars for more than 16 years and has a rich experience and reliable reputation.

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    Our products enjoy high reputation at home and abroad, More than 8200 sets are running.

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    We offer 2 years warranty (Other suppliers are one year warranty) and abroad on-site service.

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    Our 12 senior engineers provide the best solution for free to you.

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    Our customers are over the world, you can reference our customers' usage.

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    Our products are verified by SGS, CE and obtained 36 patents. Besides the modern factory passes the Intertek inspection.

From the News

  • 16/2
    What Is Ladle Car On Rail For Slag Transporta...
    Rail Ladle Transfer Car is designed and manufactured for major steel mills. Ladle Transport Car can greatly improve safety during ladle transportation. Rail Ladle Transfer Car is more complicated than ordinary rail transport
  • 09/1
    Traveling Cable Powered Transfer Car Is Popul...
    Description: BTL series transfer car is powered by dragging cable. The cable is laid between two rails. Simple structure and low cost make it very popular for crossing bay transportation.Keyword: Traveling cable powered transfer car.
  • 09/1
    Traveling Cable Power Transfer Cart Is Suitab...
    BTL series’s rail transfer cart is powered by mobile cable. It conducts AC 380V directly into the electrical control system of the transfer cart to let it start, stops, goes forward and backward and so on. The cart is powered by dragging cable winch is laid on the ground.